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AlHussein150Badge of the week ~ Al Hussein Sports Club, Jordan
Al Hussein Sports Club came into existence after their founder, a share fisherman, was hypnotised by a storm petrel. Khalid Hussan, later to become first club president, was having a cigarette on deck in the dead of night when the diminutive bird alighted on the boat railing and cocked a gleaming eye his way. Lost in his own reverie - in his own words he was wondering at the time how to dry plates while his wife washed up without looking inadequate - Hussan paid no heed to the bird at first, but then realised he had been staring into its beady eye for several minutes. 

PR specialist Kevin Rye has suggested ways Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire could turn things around at The Valley but it may be too late

You may now be able to print off many tickets at home but a good experience in a club shop can have a lasting effect over people

Stamford net

Most people keep quiet about their childhood fantasies. But not Olly Wicken in WSC 59, January 1992, who explained why goalnets were at the heart of football’s appeal


Disastrous former manager Jackie McNamara is now chief executive, while early performances under Mills have hardly been an improvement

Rebels150aBadge of the week ~ Rebels FC, British Virgin Islands
There are some things one's mind jolts to instantly on hearing the word "rebel". One is of course, Marlon Brando in The Wild One. If I recall the dialogue correctly: Young lady: "What are you rebelling against Johnny?" Marlon Brando: "What've you got?" Young lady: "Chlamydia." Marlon Brando: "I'm rebelling against chlamydia." 

Los Demás promises to ignore Barcelona and Real Madrid, instead focusing on anything from “A Coruña to Almeria, Palma to Tenerife”

Chasetown FA Cup

The FA Cup Factfile blog suggests introducing Championship clubs a round earlier, which would have a knock-on effect for non-League clubs

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has recently unveiled plans to increased the World Cup from 40 to 48 teams. Back in 1986, in WSC 3, even 24 was deemed too many

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