Episode 61: Surprise promotions, Torquay dog bites & guest Ned Boulting

Avoiding a ticking off from a kid in a referee’s kit, magazine editor Andy Lyons, writer Harry Pearson and host Daniel Gray discuss Unexpected Promotions and Relegations, from Torquay United dog bites to Eddie Large the dugout Jonah via Wiggy Threlfall’s Morecambe and Don Scrimgeour MacKay’s Coventry. WSC Deputy Editor Tom Hocking talks us through the pages of magazine edition 421 and Record Breakers brings Grecian glamour. We continue our rapidly maturing feature, The Final Third, in which a guest contributes a match, a player and an object to the WSC Museum of Football. Joining Dan as our visiting curator this time is author and broadcaster Ned Boulting.

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