Euro 2008

Exclusive chats with Cristiano Ronaldo, insider gossip from the Italian camp and tactical analysis from a host of expert coaches will be among the things we won't be doing over the next month. But we will be putting together daily European Championship updates, while also preparing comprehensive coverage of the tournament for the next edition of WSC. Will Euro 2008 live up to the claim we made during World Cup 94 that major championships are better when England aren't involved? Find out over the next four weeks.


Spanish lessons for England 30-06-08 ~ England can learn from the champions, apparently
Teutonic efficiency?
29-06-08 ~ Why you don’t have to be a great team to get to the final
On the transfer trail
27-06-08 ~ Likely movers from Euro 2008 and within the UK
Arshavin v Aragones
26-06-08 ~ The men getting attention prior to the Spain v Russia semi-final
Englishmen abroad
25-06-08 ~ The anglo-centric build up to the Germany v Turkey semi-final
New ground for Spain and Ince
23-06-08 ~ The day after the final quarter-final
Spanish expectations
22-06-08 ~ The surprise today would be if Spain beat Italy
Dutch masters
21-06-08 ~ Guus Hiddink sends out Russia to face his native country
Turkey test for confident Croatia 20-06-08 ~ The second quarter-final confounds commentators
Phil's final fling?
19-06-08 ~ Portugal face Germany in the first quarter-final
Russia's time
18-06-08 ~ Group D has more than one team with something to prove
Italy and France fear a fix
17-06-08 ~ Anyone could go through from Group C
Austria's big night
16-06-08 ~ The co-hosts invoke the spirit of 1978
Host story 15-06-08 ~ A poor show from Switzerland and Austria
Seeing the world in negative 14-06-08 ~ Great teams don't always win
Tangled Webb 13-06-08 ~ English impact on the tournament
Phil the gap
12-06-08 ~ Portugal's manager has a new job
No pain for Spain
11-06-08 ~ Easy for Spain; Turkey v Switzerland unearths unpleasant memories
Offside? 10-06-08 ~ A dodgy decision in the best game so far
Still no shocks
09-06-08 ~ Results are as expected, and the Dutch are rowing
Anglo angles
08-06-08 ~ The obsession with England continues as the other hosts take to the field
And they're off – but do we care? 07-06-08 ~ One of the hosts starts it all off
Euros not accepted 06-06-08 ~ The British press struggle to get excited about the tournament

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Germany v Spain

Germany v Turkey
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Austria v Germany
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Greece v Russia
Sweden v Spain
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France v Netherlands
Austria v Poland
Croatia v Germany
Switzerland v Turkey
Czech Republic v Portugal
Greece v Sweden
Spain v Russia

Italy v Netherlands
Romania v France
Germany v Poland
Austria v Croatia
Portugal v Turkey
Switzerland v Czech Republic

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Czech Republic  Portugal  Switzerland  Turkey

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Austria  Croatia  Germany  Poland

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France  Italy  Netherlands  Romania

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Greece  Russia  Spain  Sweden


To help you follow the games, download our Euro 2008 wallchart that was given away with WSC 256 (and if you want a proper version click here to buy the issue). Download is a 1.1mb pdf