Best story outside the Premiership?

Carlisle to join the Scottish League (shame it had as much credibility as a UFO sighting). Stephanie Pride

Dalian Atkinson’s success in Saudi. At last a player who’s really prepared to do what it takes to get away from the distractions. Harry Pearson

Carlisle’s deliverance at the hands of Jimmy Glass, who thereby earned a place in football folklore along with the right paw of that Alsatian who saved Torquay. Of course, Scarborough fans and those who have to travel there again next year might not agree. Steve Field

Watford and Graham Taylor. David Munro

Having missed out on tabloid revelations about Jamie Bates’s private life, I’d have to go with Bedlington Terriers. For a tiny mid-Northumberland village to reach Wembley, as well as maintaining a stranglehold over the Northern League, is really quite impressive. Although I have to say that Ashington get bigger crowds. Ian Cusack

The success of Walsall and Bournemouth. Walsall, for getting promoted on no money and still playing good football. As a Luton fan, the apparent solidity of Bournemouth’s set up gives us something to aim for. John Earls

The battling mascots of Ashton Gate (Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs): there hasn’t been allegorical combat like this since the myths of Greece and Rome were enacted in the Colosseum. Joyce Woolridge

It should be Carlisle’s last-minute goal, but their chairman bleeds away any sympathy. So therefore Crewe winning 2-1 at Ipswich in April despite being pegged back and a man down. The timing of that win, the effect it had on the top and the bottom of the division, was football at its most dramatic. Joe Boyle

For Doncaster to go down last season in spectacular fashion, with crowds often below 1,000 and start this season as badly as they did must have been devast­ating. Now, with Ken “Fire­starter” Rich­ardson at Her Majesty’s pleasure and crowds over 4,000, they must be looking at a return to League football soon. Hats off to them. Mark Howell

Any club managing to pay the bills, prevent their water being cut off or just surviving despite 3,000 fans and patronising platitudes from journalists guilty at having complimentary tickets for Old Trafford. AS Thomas

Mallorca’s Argentinian international keeper Carlos Roa refusing to sign a new contract with any club because he knows the world will end next year. John Williams

The first Brazilian to play for Tooting and Mitcham. He only made one appearance before being shopped as an illegal imm­igrant. And, despite speaking no English, he got booked for dissent. Damien Blake

The Jimmy Glass story is going to get a bit dull in a while from constant retelling, but it was absolutely astonishing. Nice finish, too. Philip Cornwall

Walsall’s promotion. How far would Keegan have taken them? David Wangerin

Without doubt possessors of the most boring ground in Europe, Walsall have shown what can be accomplished against weighty opposition such as Man City and Preston with a bit of self belief. Bury being relegated in the opposite direction was also a pretty good story for anyone unfortunate enough to have seen them play. (See, I didn’t even mention Carlisle Utd.) Richard Darn

Watford’s elevation to the Premier at the first attempt proves how easy it is to get out of the First Division by hitting it long and obstructing the goalkeeper at set pieces, and the undeserved return of Graham Taylor to the top flight is a step backwards for football. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Bolton fan (we didn’t deserve promotion either). Gary Parkinson

From WSC 149 July 1999. What was happening this month