Best and worst commentators

Best Alan Green’s incessant moaning reminds me of watching games with my Dad. Anthony Hobbs

Worst Keegan, as always. Cris Freddi

Perhaps I’m alone but I think Clive Tyld­esley’s a big improvement on Brian Moore. Or at least I did until he said “Tonight they’re going to party like it’s 1999” in a silly rhythmic manner after United lifted the European Cup. Harry Pearson

Best Martin Tyler. May look and sound like a trendy vicar, but knows his stuff. Worst Soft target I know, but Big Ron’s attempts don’t get any better. Ian Cusack

Worst Alan Parry for the patronising way he says “Newcastle”. David Munro

Best AIan Green. Obviously. Worst Jonathan Pearce, for completely misjudging the mood of the nation (well, the mood of the Royal George on Charing Cross Road) with his commentary on Luxembourg v England. We were all praying for Luxembourg’s penalty to go in, and Pearce’s hysteria at Southgate’s last-minute goal deserved every single boo. John Earls

Worst Kevin Keegan. Reason enough to hope England qualify for Euro 2000. Stephanie Pride

Best Andy Gray still remains unsurpassed in the key areas of inserting more syllables into words and annoying managers in his post-match questioning. Worst Jonathan Pearce, because his commentary reduces the match to a mere irrelevance. Joyce Woolridge

Worst must be that self-opinionated get, Alan Green. And don’t get me started on Mark “Chester is just not a footballing city” Lawrenson. Mark Howell

I’ve developed an almost pathological hatred of Mike Ingham, but don’t really understand why. I do wish he and Alan Green would bang heads one Sunday afternoon and knock each other unconscious. David Wangerin

Worst Angus Loughran on Eurosport. Surr­ealism, stream of consciousness, forgetting the score, forgetting the teams, sentences with no beginning, end or meaning. Ken Gall

Best Clive Tyldesley, I’m sad to say, because he works for the generally awful ITV. John Motson, I’m even sadder, to say, is the worst. Richard Darn

As ever, Five Live’s Alan Green/Ron Jones combo. Worst Clive Tyldesley, for crimes including (but not limited to) his fawning over Manchester United. Steve Field

Best Tony Gubba – he just sounds pleased to get a big game. Worst Jonathan Pearce. Football coverage didn’t seem to have any room for dumbing down, but he’s found some. Alex Anderson

From WSC 149 July 1999. What was happening this month