New project pledges to uncover untold stories in Spanish football

Los Demás promises to ignore Barcelona and Real Madrid, instead focusing on anything from “A Coruña to Almeria, Palma to Tenerife”

27 October ~ The majority of the media coverage of Spanish football relates to Barcelona and Real Madrid, yet there are plenty of untold stories below those two clubs. Now a Kickstarter has been launched to fund Los Demás, a new long-form project which promises to cover everything from “A Coruña to Almeria, Girona to Huelva, Palma to Tenerife”.

Set up by WSC regular Nick Dorrington, along with Colin Millar (Marca in English), Euan Mcear (Eibar The Brave) and Pal Odegard (Josimar), they promise to “shed a light on the clubs, communities, players and personalities who best represent the vibrant and diverse culture of Spanish football”.

Subscriptions cost just £8 for one year or £12 for two, and it return each month you will receive one 5,000-word article straight to your inbox in a variety of formats. The first article will be published in February, with the rest following monthly thereafter.

You can pledge your support for Los Demás here.