Millwall fans denied entry by Man City win complaint

Supporters were attending Etihad as neutrals after match against Oldham postponed

16 July ~ Millwall fans who were denied entry to the Etihad Stadium as neutrals have had their complaint upheld by the Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO). Nick Weavis and his group of friends had originally been planning to attend Millwall’s match at Oldham but, when it was cancelled, opted to watch nearby Manchester City play Swansea instead. However, upon learning they were Millwall fans the cashier at the Etihad refused to sell them tickets. When Weavis initially complained Manchester City put the decision down to police advice, but a freedom of information request to Greater Manchester Police revealed no such advice was given.

In his report, IFO Professor Derek Fraser said: “The IFO believes that the Club’s handling of the complaint could have been much better. A simple ‘sorry’ for what happened might well have concluded this whole saga at an early stage. However, the Club’s letter of 19 February left a lot to be desired. Not only was it wrong in attributing the refusal of entry to police advice, a position which was maintained until the police’s reply to the Freedom of information request, it was curt in its peremptory dismissal of the complaint, which led to its escalation to the Premier League.”

You can find out more details about this case, and what to do if you also have a cause for complaint, on the Football Supporters’ Federation site.