Blackburn fans launch petition to investigate owners

Venky’s have owned Rovers since November 2010

16 August ~ Blackburn Rovers fans have launched a petition demanding that the FA investigate the running of their club. Since the Indian poultry processing company Venky’s took over Rovers in November 2010 the club have gone from mid-table in the Premier League to bottom of the Championship. With reported debts now around £100 million, supporters have had enough of owners who they say refuse to communicate with either fans or staff. 

“Our fans have left the club in their thousands, due to the complete lack of communication with their once-proud, family club,” the petition reads. “We have a history of being ‘at one’ with the club, but since 2010, this has been shut down. When a football club suffers like ours does, the whole town suffers. Communities suffer. People suffer. Jobs are lost, businesses are affected, families are affected.”

You can read the full petition and sign it here.