Badge of the week ~ Sharjah FC, United Arab Emirates


Sharjah FC’s crest is based on the ancient Arabian myth of the Sun and the Sea. As told in the tale The Sea and The Sun, which is based on an older, pre-Islamic story, The Sun and the Sea, which, in turn, was a fresh adaptation of an older Egyptian tale, The Sun and The Brick, which was slow-moving. In The Sea and The Sun, the sea, jealous of the sun’s height, challenges it to a fight.

The pharaoh hears about this and sends his best hieroglyph men out to report on the fantastic event. The sun tells the sea that, while he accepts that the sea is more stormy and physical than him, he, the sun, is more cunning. The sea tells the sun that everyone says that until they actually take him on and get drowned and the sun does not respond. However, the sun waits until dark to slip right up close to the sea and, the sea being drowsy and unsighted, gives his watery foe a right kicking.

And this is why the sea made a pact with the moon to be great friends and to ignore the sun and this is why we have tides. Dr Brian Cox might disagree with this but he would smile all the time he was disagreeing. Cameron Carter