Badge of the week ~ Luftetari FC, Albania

Luftetari150The Leaning Conference Centre of Luftetari is famous in Albania. People come from miles around to stand next to it, take photographs of each other next to it and visit the Leaning Conference Centre Visitors’ Centre, Museum & Cafe. They come from miles around in Albania anyway. It’s not world famous. The Leaning Tower of Pisa cornered the market in leaning edifices centuries ago and has always had more romance about it somehow.

In fact, the furthest recorded journey to see the Leaning Conference Centre from within Albania is 80 miles, because you can look it up on the internet anyway and rotate the view 360 degrees around the interior and everything. But the town of Luftetari are still wrongly proud of their building and it is completely booked up for conferences until the Spring of 2019, as it is very popular with and highly accessible for small businesses and local government at least. Cameron Carter