Badge of the week ~ Far North Queensland Heat, Australia


Queensland is a big place. This means that sporting teams, regional administrative centres and private citizens – in fact, everyone – have to be very specific when stating which part of the state they are situated in. There were, for example, two North Queensland Alcoholics with Allotments societies, until one was forced to change its name to the Mid North Queensland Alcoholics with Allotments Society.

Several companies trading under the name of South Queensland Mobile Art Historians had to meet in order to divvy out more geographically precise names to avoid confusion. In the football world, four North Queensland Heat teams agreed to change their names to North Queensland Heat, Far North Queensland Heat, Can’t Get More North Than This Queensland Heat and North Queensland Uncomfortably Warm. It is a very big place, so make sure you don’t just agree to meet your friend “in Queensland”, that’s the main thing to remember, especially if you’ve only got a few days. Cameron Carter