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Champions League: Power grab by the big clubs | A view from Germany
Gambling & the game: Football Index collapses | Call for ban on betting advertising

Sutton United – League bound? | World's oldest club return home | Racism in Czech Republic | Bumper WSL TV deal | Tributes to Peter Lorimer & Frank Worthington | Cambridge Rules go global | Child sexual abuse report | A Clyde portrait | Qatar protests | FA's data trends | Fan friendships | Denmark's youth club | China think long-term | Focus on Howard Kendall | Goal shy in Serie A

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Super spreader Champions League reform
Despite a year of upheaval, the reorientation of European competition to better suit the interests of superclubs never misses a beat. In mid March Andrea Agnelli, chairman of Juventus and the European Club Association (ECA), announced that wrangling over changes to the Champions League is close to a conclusion with the introduction of a “beautiful” Swiss model from 2024.

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Sutton PaulLoughlinC

Sutton United 1-1 Stockport County U's pushing for a League debut
Sutton’s most recent claim to cultural fame is as the setting for the Channel 4 sitcom PhoneShop, set in a mobile phone shop in its main precinct. It features a cast of characters including best friends Jerwayne and Ashley, one black, one white, both unselfconsciously fluent in patois; the eerily eccentric Janine; graduate Christopher, who finds himself mistaken for a lesbian; and manager Lance, whose guilty shame is that he attends a secret reggae nightclub for white men over 40 only. The walk from the station to Sutton United’s ground takes you through that precinct and is today a scene of Covid desolation, barely subsisting on a drip-feed of takeaway coffee outlets, Morrisons and Poundland.

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Stock shock Football Index collapses
Pitched as a stock market where people could trade in footballers, the simple premise of Football Index intrigued many supporters who have fallen prey to a far riskier and more complex proposition than they realised. The company, which was established in 2015, now looks set to collapse after a sudden change in dividend payouts led to users losing huge sums of money overnight.

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Global positioning Cambridge Rules art project
It makes the constant arguments about VAR seem trifling. In the mid-19th century, a group of students from Cambridge University were so sick of every game of football turning into an anarchic muddle of different interpretations, they sat down and drew up a set of 11 rules themselves. Nailed to the trees surrounding Parker’s Piece in 1848, this was the first time that football had any formalised laws. It was a seismic event; from this very specific patch of English landscape in the heart of Cambridge, the game spread to encompass every corner of the world.

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Champions League photo via Colorsport, Sutton United photo by Paul Loughlin, Football Index photo via Colorsport, Cambridge Rules photo via the artists


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