Buxton United

Buxton United were founded by three blues musicians who chose for their new club an image that appeared in many of their songs. "Trainspotter" Jim Lafayette's song, Train Departing Platform Three, opens – "My girl she's leaving on the train/ Won't see nor hear from her again/ It was a Coronation Class No. 46248,/ Although this seems unlikely in respect of loading gauge."

"Semi-Skilled" Byron Jones, in Off-Blue Blues, tells of how he is travelling to prison in a train for having killed a man in anger. Although he only mentions this fact in verse three, the first two verses are taken up by how bad he is feeling and the number of coaches on the train. 

"Prosaic" Jim Ladyman's Argumentative Woman Blues bemoans the fact that his woman left him, not on a train, but in a Toyota Corolla. There was one woman who left Ladyman on a train but he apparently wasn't that bothered about her. In any case, the train features heavily in Buxton's iconography as a result of it being the chief form of transportation of blues people everywhere. Cameron Carter

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