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Euro 2017 highs and lows for England | Why matches used to be more violent | Football in World War Two | When players refuse to play | Preston aiming for the top | Scotland’s old boy network | Italy: historic name returns | The commentator shortage | Everton’s reluctant star in goal | Raging at refs in Germany

PSG attempt to acquire greatness | Ryan Atkin becomes a role model for LGBT+ community | making matches a family friendly experience | football gets some Fringe benefits | Bray warning for FAI | Burntisland Shipyard take on Colville Park | Forget China, Indonesia is the place to go for a final payday – unless you are Carlton Cole | Belgium’s convoluted play-off systems creates a memorable finale | a heart-warming story of co-operation in Oxford

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368 MOTM

Preston North End 1 Reading 0 Early season optimism at Deepdale
August matches are disconcerting in many ways. First, there are the changes to the squad to acclimatise yourself to, second, the league table doesn’t really give you any indication as to how you might expect the game to pan out, and third, you have no clue what to wear. I’ve hedged my bets with a thermal vest and a raincoat, but thankfully the rain holds off for this encounter. Still, the wind is whipping up a storm, and a tornado of crisp packets and plastic bags is whirling around the pitch at Deepdale. Preston fans are hoping this will be the only rubbish they’ll have to put up with this season because there’s a lot of other stuff up in the air at the moment. Buy here to read the full article

368 ref

Official complaint Grassroots refereeing
“Your refereeing’s a pile of shit!” The player knows what he’s doing here. He’s had enough for today. It’s a relief to us both that I can show him the red card and conclude our unhappy afternoon together. His coach, though, is beside himself. “You’re a disgrace!” he screams. “Why don’t you go back to England?” He’s been yelling at me all afternoon, so I send him off too. Buy here to read the full article

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Morale support Football during the Second World War
When war was declared on September 3, 1939, the fate of professional football may not have appeared to be the most pressing concern for the British government. But decisions over whether the game should continue or not, at national and local level, were closely wrapped up with broader debates about wartime morale. Initially the fear of air attack led the government to close all sports grounds, along with cinemas, theatres and other entertainment venues. However, Home Office files demonstrate that while few ministers or civil servants had much time for football themselves, the government recognised its positive effect on public well-being. Buy here to read the full article

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Look at the bright side Euro 2017
A crowd of over 28,000, delirious with joy. Young men wearing shirts with “Miedema” on the back. Newspaper front pages. A victory parade along the canals of Utrecht, so packed and excitable people were in danger of falling in amid the crush. Huge tele­vision viewing figures. Is this, could this be, the future? Paradoxically an ugly tale of alleged racism and bullying suggests it could. Buy here to read the full article

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Preston photo by Colin McPherson, illustration by Matt Littler

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