When Saturday Comes is Britain's leading independent football magazine. Launched in 1986, it aims to provide a voice for intelligent football supporters, offering both a serious and humorous view of the sport. WSC has always sought to include contributions from readers as well as a number of football journalists and award-winning authors. In each issue we aim to cover most of the major topics that fans are likely to talk about.

Within two years of its launch, WSC had developed from a bi-monthly, photocopied, hand-stapled production into a monthly magazine with national distribution. WSC also helped to publicise the hundreds of club fanzines that sprang up around this time. It is estimated that such publications were selling a total of more than a million copies each year by 1989.

Our public profile increased off the back of regular media publicity, such as that generated by a trip organised by the magazine to Senegal for the 1992 African Nations Cup, subsequent Nations Cups in Tunisia and South Africa, and the South American championship in Ecuador in 1993. The magazine increased in size to 48 pages and went full colour in early 1995.

During the mid-1990s boom in football publishing, When Saturday Comes established a niche in the then crowded magazine market. WSC has become recognized as a source of informed comment on all aspects of British football, featuring on major current affairs programming and in newspapers in this country and on radio and television around Europe.

Among the many When Saturday Comes books are the first English language histories of football in Spain and Germany and a book of football writing co-produced with Nick Hornby, author of Fever Pitch. A recent book, Up Front, collected together our favourite WSC covers. In addition we have produced and marketed a number of popular T-shirts.

Alongside the printed magazine WSC has an expanding website. Over 20 years' worth of content is being archived online. We also comment daily on football issues and assemble a weekly newsletter which delivers despair and enlightenment to your inbox every Friday. 

But don't just take our word for it – the Guardian and the Independent both wrote features around the magazine's 25th anniversary in March 2011. 

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