The Walking Boyz Company was a famous entertainment troupe in Suriname for a number of years, popular with all age groups. At the height of their popularity it is said they once supported Perry Como at Atlantic City when Jackie Gleason was unavailable during the Great Jewish Writer Drought of 1954.

The Boyz' main act was all about walking. They showcased several new styles of walking as well as perfecting classical styles of the genre. One of the walks that was very popular with American audiences was the Syncopated Bus Trot, which involved members of the company, contrapuntally imitating the bobbish near-trot of someone trying to catch an approaching bus without appearing to hurry. Other popular ones were the Walking On A Flinty Path and the Passing Sex Workers Hustle.

One that always got the people going in Suriname, the Look-at-Me Fat Americans With Their Stupid Loud Children, received a less favourable reaction in Atlantic City, but they reportedly won the crowd back quickly with another old favourite - one that always brought the house down - the Electrician Approaching Reception Staff. The company split up in 1961, citing ambulatory differences, but are still remembered fondly in the country. Cameron Carter

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