Sky Battalion FC is one of the finest names for a football team in the world. In an experiment conducted by Maseru University last year, 94 out of 100 subjects were unable to say the club's name without adopting a portentous baritone. Sky Battalion are named after Lesotho's specialist air force squad of elite fighter pilots, who originally made up the whole team. 

The squad's song, translated from the Bantu language, is heard on parade days and also in local bars after a long session over a bank holiday:

"Sky Battalion!

We fly through the sky!

And wave to your daughters

As we go by!

Sky Battalion!

We'll sleep when we're dead.

A few of the lads like to

Make their own bread."

There are six verses of the song, although one is almost never sung because it mentions a game of Canasta and is considered old hat. Cameron Carter

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