Little is known of the Pharaoh Naser, except that he was possibly a usurper at the end of the Eleventh Dynasty, his rule attested only by a relief fragment from the tomb of queen Neith that bears an image of either a young man laughing at a scorpion or a young woman having lunch. There is also an oblique reference to a pharaoh with a nice smile building a pyramid, or starting the construction of a pyramid before adapting it very early in the process into a third bathroom.

Naser El Fekreia SC have adopted this little-known pharaoh because most of the good pharaohs had already been taken but also because they couldn't decide between the two other design ideas for their crest – a giant flaming hammer and two cats sleeping. The image on the badge is not Naser himself, but a local model who specialised in pharaohs and Irish bare-knuckle fighters. Cameron Carter

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