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24 June 2016 ~


The big game is fast approaching – on Monday evening a small, isolated lump of rock in the Atlantic will be taking on Iceland.


Correcaminos150Badge of the week ~ Correcaminos de la Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Mexico
Or Correcaminos de la UAT for short. Which is a bit of a relief for their fans and the printers of their stationery. Although, thinking about it, Correcaminos de la UAT is still a bit of a mouthful. This is possibly why the club’s name does not appear to be on its crest. No one knows what the image means. Obviously an image doesn’t always have to mean something; as Dali said: “Meaning is an illusion – Dali is an illusion. Dali only becomes real in January for tax purposes.”  

Many badge-fanciers have attempted an explanation of this image. One interpretation currently in vogue is the Taylor-Bradshaw theory that posits a man dressed in orange, lying prostate in a desert with his head just out of shot. What neither Taylor nor Bradshaw could explain satisfactorily at their recent seminar in Bonn, Explanations of Images That We Can Explain (entry fee: £495 for six hours with a lobster lunch) is why this is a picture of a man in orange lying down in an arid environment. The version most experts tend towards is a lean horse letting someone go past before him (the “After You” horse, as it is colloquially known).

Perhaps, theorists contend, this is a very polite club who like horses. But look at the lack of words, contemplate the vast orangeness that goes on forever. And then look away quickly before you go mad. Cameron Carter


from Gary Andrews
“What fresh hell is this? The half-and-half scarves are all over the French billboards.”


Russian fans (or the nice ones, at least) react to defeat by Wales.


Canadian TV’s Euro presenters pay tribute to Gabor Kiraly.



Icelandic commentator’s victory shriek.


Cristiano Ronaldo throws a microphone in a lake.


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