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13 May 2016 ~


According to Forbes magazine Real Madrid remain the richest football club in the world, having held off the challenge of Barcelona. Is there a trophy for that?


Maio150Badge of the week ~ Clube 1 de Maio Quelimane, Mozambique
One wonders why people do this. Why create a perfectly nice image of a ball with fists and then, when people are trying to look at it, clap a great band of writing across it so that you can’t see the whole picture? It’s like when your programme is ending very emotionally with matey cowboy slumped lifeless across his horse and his young pregnant wife doesn’t even know he joined the posse – she asked him in episode two not to do anything dangerous for the sake of their unborn baby but you knew because of the swell of the strings that he might join a posse or something – and as the horse wanders off towards the horizon a great big preview for the following programme appears all over the screen. It’s intrusive.

It’s like publicans in the old days when you asked for three packets of salted KP peanuts and they took the bags that only covered the neck and beach ball of the nude lady behind the peanuts. It just speaks of a lack of feeling. "Clube 1 de Maio" should run above or beneath the main image, not slap bang through it like a verbal motorway across water meadows. It seems that the club stand for strength and unity, what with the clenched fists and all, but they don’t appear to stand for neatness or sensitivity. Cameron Carter


Looks like Leicester City’s owner feels that he doesn’t get enough credit.


Sheffield United’s lap of honour wasn’t appreciated by everyone at Bramall Lane.


Everton are not expected to announce their new manager just yet but the Wikipedia page of Swiss coach Lucien Favre has jumped the gun.



from Martin Atherton
“The title of this video says it all.”


Also in the news this week
Stormtroopers supporting Hartlepool
Manchester United players react to bus attack
And Eamonn Holmes clarifies Hillsborough comparison


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