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1 May 2015 ~

Good news. The most recently published accounts, for 2013-14, show Premier League clubs made a collective profit for the first time in 16 years. So it seems reasonable to expect all the other clubs to follow West Ham's example in cutting season ticket prices. Next week at the latest. Surely.


Missile150Badge of the week ~ Missile FC, Gabon
Well this is an improvement on last week’s insipidly commercial "Value Plus" badge. A bit of thrust here. A bit of torc. If that’s what torc means. Missile FC have already, in their name alone, introduced a virile, combative theme. It is, in all my years of badge-watching, the most unabashedly phallic club name and crest I have encountered. There is a Southern European club who are represented by a train going through a tunnel but, in modern cultural terms, this image has come less to mean the sexual act and more to signify discomfort at high monetary cost.

Note here how the missile, or phallus, is engaged and at an early, almost unconscious stage of arousal (equivalent to the heterosexual male’s reaction to hearing Sarah Montague talking about arm wrestling on The Today Programme). Note also, though, that Missile Football Club’s potency, though clearly great, is geared towards defence rather than attack. Rather like Chelsea’s. Cameron Carter


Whoever came up with the “graffiti” backdrop for the PFA awards is unlikely to be in the running for any awards themselves.



Fleetwood’s bid for world domination begins in… Tashkent.


from Tim Manns

“I’ve found watching MOTD2 with the subtitles on can be quite entertaining”.



Edgar Davids’ decision to wear his lucky promotion poncho paid off for Barnet. (From around 1:03)


When you are on the sidelines and your big moment comes you have to take it.


Also in the news this week
A spearing at St Mirren

Steve Evans still charmless

David Cameron get his clarets confused

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