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20 February 2015 ~

FIFA presidential candidate Luís Figo unveiled his election manifesto yesterday. One of the main proposals was for a 48-team World Cup. Why not just have a permanent tournament, one big global Fair Play party going on all the time? The International Football Family would surely back that.


Basak150Badge of the week ~ Istanbul Basaksehir FK, Turkey
If you combined all of Steven Gerrard’s post-match interviews, two series of A Fine Romance, the first Sade album and a list of reasonably priced eateries in Hereford, you still would not achieve the richly distilled dullness of Istanbul Basaksehir’s badge. The first draft of a first draft of a design, this club crest appears to be the post-it note doodling of whoever took the first phone call at the design company.

Is there nothing in the history of Istanbul that the club could have used in place of the prosaic capital “B” they have finally settled on? Possibly some kind of image could have been used that referred to the city being capital of the Roman Empire and, later, the Ottoman Empire, but no, apparently no one could think of anything significant that had happened since the place was established as a Greek colony in the seventh century BC that might feasibly be rendered in iconic form. So a big old letter “B” it is. After all, there is no point thinking outside the box if you have a nice sensible box that everyone knows is a box. Cameron Carter


from Chris Jordan
“Ever thought that your interior decor would benefit from what appears to be a crack created by a football? Here’s just the product for you.”


Tips from Stan Collymore after he was suspended by BT Sport for criticising Rangers fans.



from Mike Ticher
Australia are not taking the Asian club competition by storm so far this year.”

Meanwhile, a Belgian keeper needs to work on his ball control.


Good news for fans of Harman, makers of posh headphones among other things: Jérôme Boateng is now their Global Brand Ambassador.

The company says: “Jérôme’s career reflects the essence of Harman’s brands in many ways. He performs confidently on a global stage and is a leader and fierce competitor on the field. We do the same in audio and technology. There is a very powerful connection between sports and music that drives cultural relevance, one of our key branding goals.”

The president of Harman’s Lifestyle Division goes on to make the questionable claim that “Jérôme is one of the most popular stars in European sports today and generates excitement wherever he goes.” But that would explain why he needs the headphones – to block out all the screaming.


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