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30 October 2014 ~

This time of year is packed with traditions: people complaining about colder weather, Halloween, the clocks going back. Football's equivalent to these hardy perennials involves Neil Warnock getting into trouble with the authorities. Sure enough, Neil has just received his first misconduct charge of the season. It's like he's never been away.

Gostivar150Badge of the week ~ KF Gostivar, Macedonia
The summerhouse played an important part in 19th and 20th century Macedonian culture. The most famous fictional detective from Macedonia, Bogdan Adrijan Illianovic Petkov (known simply to his wife, friends and colleagues as Bogdan Adrijan Illianovic) begins his first case as a detective when he encounters a body in a summerhouse. Petkov’s special idiosyncrasy is a partiality for urinating outdoors, hence he is the first at a house party to find the victim.

Many Macedonians will be able to recite the following piece of dialogue from memory:

Petkov: "There is a body in the summerhouse!"

Dmitri: "Are you sure?"

Petkov: "I have never been so sure of anything in my life."

Alicia: "What about when you said the moon had fallen from the sky?"

Petkov: "I don’t know why you’ve brought that up. And at a social gathering."

In actual fact it’s the first three lines of the dialogue that are the most famous but the point is that summerhouses were places of drama, romance and intrigue in Macedonia for several generations, until replaced in this role by McDonald's car parks. Cameron Carter


A Halloween story a week early in east Lancashire.


from Sam Smith

“Is it just me, or is this a curiously Biblical headline from the BBC Sport website?”



Simon Anders

“It has been said that Ed Woodward was muttering something sweary about a waste of money during the West Brom v Man Utd game, but I think it’s ‘where’s the pudding?’ – a reflection of his disappointment with the half-time catering at The Hawthorns.”


from Steve Morgan

“It's going to be a real dogfight to avoid relegation from the Championship this season, if this league table from the Evening Standard of October 20 is anything to go by. There's virtually nothing to choose between the bottom seven sides, in fact.”



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An ominous shirt sponsor
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Getting shirty Notable kits of yesteryear

AccStan99Accrington Stanley home, 1998-99
After a season of mediocrity on the field and managerial instability off it, Stanley looked forward to a fresh start in 1998-99. New manager, new shirt, new sponsor, new badge, surely a new assault on promotion to the Conference? Securing a big company such as Asda as shirt sponsors seemed like a coup, and although no one had heard of manufacturers Crown Sports, their repetition of their corporate logo down the sleeves aped Man City's Kappa kit of the same time.

The abandonment of the town crest badge and motto met with mixed reaction; although the new one mimicked Aldershot's, the Latin proclaimed “Behold I will rise again”. In truth, we had not seen “Industry and Prudence Conquer” as promised by the old badge, but neither did we rise again. The team finished bottom of the Unibond Premier League, and were relegated for the first time since re-forming. The club reverted to the old badge the following year. Crown Sports disappeared whence it came. Asda vanished from the shirts. And, behold, we rose again, being promoted back as champions; we were to reach the Football League six years later. Ian Plumbley

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