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14 March 2014 ~

It seems unfair that Tim Sherwood is under pressure after Spurs' poor run. As he says: "I know the DNA of the guys and I know the ones I can trust." This is the sort of specialist technical knowledge that English football desperately needs more of.

NajipBadge of the week ~ Najip FC, Brunei
I remember one Sunday afternoon, in the back of my mother's car on the way to a garden centre, sharing the rear of the vehicle with an introverted sexagenarian male friend of hers. After a silence between us of five to ten minutes, which I had filled happily enough drooling out the side window at the matter-of-fact scenery, he said: "Do you like travelling?" I could not answer him then and I still have not succeeded in thinking of an adequate response.

It was just as if this man felt that being in the back of one's mother's car on the way to a garden centre three miles away was travelling, actual Travelling, with a capital "T". This badge reminds me of that man and the particular internal turmoil he must have experienced in the minutes prior to deciding on that conversation starter. We must assume that a design team met in Brunei in 2009, discussed the brief, and finally submitted this design as the finished goods. Very much a case of the Emperor's New Clothes.

It is probable that club officials remarked upon the basic nature of the design, to which the designers very likely responded by pointing to the European naïf-brutalist vogue for stark, bare capitals, as seen in McDonalds, Ikea, IBM and Dairy Queen. And these are very successful brands, especially Dairy Queen. So that is what the big, plain "N" really stands for here: "Noticeable". Cameron Carter


Samuel Eto'o likes to keep his nose clean.


Major catering theft in mid-Wales.



from Rich McDermott

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to have become the satirical version of himself. There's probably a term for this in marketing."


from Nick Mitchell

"The Sun's David Coverdale (no relation to the Whitesnake singer of the same name) seems to have been alone in using a headbutt theme to report on David Meyler's goal for Hull City last week. A spirited effort anyhow."



Also in the news this week
Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage do some competitive sitting.

The best goal scored this week by a 16-year-old Ecuadorian.
Jake Bugg on boosting morale at Notts County.

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