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7 March 2014 ~

QPR's accounts for 2012-13 show their debt has risen by £86 million in a year. Bit careless, isn't it?

Faetano150Badge of the week ~ SC Faetano, San Marino
Faetano is known throughout San Marino for absolutely nothing. It has no beaches, no historically notable architecture, no romantically disappearing heavy industry, no documented mythology, it doesn't even have a statue of its most famous resident, Matteo Palazzi, the man who invented the prequel.

There are some nice deciduous trees in the region, not actually in the town of Faetano itself, but fairly nearby, of the standard type you see pretty much everywhere – the oak, the elm and the ash (common). There was once an incident in Faetano, in the last century, when a bicycle theft was reported. Subsequent investigation found that it was, in fact, a bicycle pump that was missing and it had only been borrowed by an Austrian novelist who had come to the country to experiment sexually with pressured air.

With this lack of history, it is hardly surprising that when a cow-herd claimed to see the face of the wife of the Minister for the Interior in a tree bark, his story was quickly elevated to the status of local legend. Even now in the Faetano area, December 24 is marked by a local man dressing up as "The Minister For the Interior's Wife-Tree" and pelting baby courgettes at children from a speeding car. Cameron Carter


from David Marsh

"Notts County were thumped 6-0 at Rotherham last weekend. At 4-0 the away fans decided to provide their own entertainment with chants celebrating the smaller things."


Ah yes, Alan Pardew is one of those rough chaps who install windows – according to Luke Edwards in the Telegraph.



The official World Cup song is sure to bring together fans across the world – they will all hate it.


from Mike Shearston

"Sheffield Wednesday seem to think this weekend's game against Yeovil is in the Premier League. That they even have the logo ready shows remarkable optimism."



from Simon Edwards

"Wayne Rooney has so many enthralling stories to tell – let's just hope he can find a new publisher for them."



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Linesman receives Thiago approval.
"Love, passion and commitment" coming to Old Trafford soon.
Laurent Koscielny, accordion saviour.

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