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24 May 2013 ~

Talking about Manchester City's plans to boost revenue, chief executive Ferran Soriano said: "We have humility, we are humble, we will take our time." He has also demanded that new manager Manuel Pellegrini has to win five major trophies in the next five years – you can't get more humble than that.

prylucki150Badge of the week ~ Express Pryluki, Ukraine
As one delves deeply into the study and analysis of club crests, one knows with a dread certainty that, sooner or later, one will encounter a badge such as this. There are some dull club crests around – the solitary image of a football, club initials on a plain background, that type of thing – but Express Pryluki bring a corporate intensity to their dullness. A cream-and-apricot, conference room, flipchart-and-water dullness that transcends the more traditional straight brown dullness of, say, a documentary on forgotten bread-making techniques or a brie sandwich.

The badge was designed by the same man who invented the non-humorous limerick, a genre occasionally used in Ukraine to convey information in a business environment, in order to limit the amount of characters used in internal emails. The following, taken from the Personal Development folio of a local government employee, is characteristic of the form: There once was a secretary, Kitty / Who found the IT service bitty / This thought would lead her / To change the procedure / So every job had its own chitty.

The chief advantage of this badge is in lulling the opposition into the false sense of security that they are playing against an after-work knockabout team from Facilities Management. This complacency in the opponent is often as good as a 1-0 start to Pryluki. Cameron Carter


Surprisingly, none of these proposed new logos for Manchester United features the Glazers with a pyramid of money.


NBC advertise their forthcoming Premier League coverage. At least Ricky Gervais wasn't involved.


from Alan Chadwick

"A Spurs celebration cake, now available at a knockdown price."



from Steve Henshaw

"Johnny Giles's Wikipedia page is rather short on pictures, though there is at least one of him 'inside the little box'."


Was this a hit in Stoke? Tony Pulis, commemorated in song (sort of).


In the days when non-League clubs had to seek election to the League, Yeovil Town applied without success almost every year. As Groundtastic magazine has discovered, in 1974 they even sent a message via the players' tracksuits.


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