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18 January 2013 ~

The Football Association tweeted more than 200 times on Wednesday about the start of their 150th anniversary celebrations. But they only once mentioned the FA Cup. If they have nearly given up on it why should clubs bother?


aldershot150Badge of the week ~ Aldershot Town
Talk to anyone in the north Hampshire area about the Rising Phoenix Fire Warden and you will witness the sadness fill their eyes as they remember a lost hero. The Rising Phoenix Fire Warden was, for many years, responsible for fire safety throughout the area and spent a lot of time travelling between the local towns. People in Farnborough still recall the time he admonished an armed councillor in the Star Chamber for storing flat-packed boxes next to a fusebox, and there is a miracle play performed annually by the Andover Mummers based on a dialogue between the Rising Phoenix Fire Warden and the deputy mayor of Basingstoke concerning perished seals on fire doors.

It was while berating a mounted parish treasurer about a box of brochures used as a doorstop that he met his end beneath the rearing, flailing hooves. He has never been adequately replaced in the hearts and minds of Hampshire people. Aldershot Town are known to be one of the very few institutions that use the phoenix as something other than a metaphor on death and rebirth. Cameron Carter


A teenager sees Vinnie Jones tidying up after a murder while Marouane Fellaini goes for a jog nearby. Not the obvious way to promote football boots but no doubt Warrior know what they're doing.


from Matthew Litherland

"As optimistic a Latics fan as I am, the realisation of this caption, from the Daily Mail online, is beyond even my wildest imagination."


from Antony Sutton

"Did WSC have a prior existence in the early 1980s? Kenny Sansom's autobiography suggests so."








Armand Oné made quite an impact during his short stay at Livingston according to Wikipedia.






After the melancholic Subbuteo crowd figures featured in a recent Howl, several readers pointed out that a (distinctly unofficial) streaker set is also available.









The worlds of Bradley Walsh and WSC combined last Friday. The former Brentford, Barnet and Dunstable (15 goals in 25 appearances) legend turned TV presenter now hosts ITV quiz The Chase. The question, "The magazine When Saturday Comes is devoted to what sport?", was too easy for the contestant, though if he really knew his football he would have known where Bergen was – SK Brann Bergen have three Norwegian titles and six Norwegian Cups to their name. It's around the 2:30 mark, if you want to skip the tension-building introductions. One day perhaps WSC will make it to the heights of University Challenge.


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