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4 October 2013 ~

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore says any FIFA decision to move the 2022 World Cup to winter without consultation would be "morally reprehensible". He didn't mention his views on the exploitation of migrant workers, though – got to keep politics out of football.

FreeState150Badge of the week ~ Free State Stars FC, South Africa
The Dowager of Death enjoyed a brief reign of terror in 1920s South Africa. Not dissimilar in manner of notoriety to Victorian London's Spring-Heeled Jack, the Dowager of Death was said to glide up in long skirts behind her victims before braining them with an aluminium tent peg. As with Spring-Heeled Jack, a mere handful of eye-witnesses created a nationwide dread. A young Ficksburg woman, retiring for the night on the eve of her wedding day, claimed that this partly respectable, partly grotesque figure appeared suddenly at her bedroom window, vigorously miming the outrages perpetrated on women on honeymoon. Apparently one of the chief outrages was being shut in a glass box.

The sightings of the Dowager tailed off after 1925, possibly attributable to developments in rural education and communications but also coinciding with the criminalisation of hallucinogenic tree bark. Free State Stars originally adopted the image to reflect the effective combination of the psychotic and respectable embodied by their first chairman, a dentist. Cameron Carter


It's always worth bringing back up the ultimate insult for Mars Bars – to be thought "boring" by Michael Owen.



Sheffield Wednesday defender Lewis Buxton is interrupted mid-interview in the politest possible way – by his iPhone.


Sidney Sam's non-football career is dealt with in a single tantalising sentence on Wikipedia.



from Graham Waite

"This animated guide to the FA's academy system has enough to be turned into a three-part Pixar blockbuster."


Some fascinating tactical analysis by the BBC during the Steaua Bucharest v Chelsea Champions League match.



from Tom Lines

"Manager Graham Westley is a noted devotee of 'positive thinking' (ie pointless management speak), but Stevenage supporters might be slightly surprised to learn that they have definitely been 'winning' despite the fact that they largely haven't."


Also in the news this week
Sunderland got Paolo di Canio so worked up that he spat – at himself

Zlatan Burger on sale in Paris

Abseiling protest against Schalke, and UEFA, sponsors

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