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9 August 2013 ~

"It's a very exciting development in world football," said Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore of the goal-line technology – or "Goal Decision System" as it's now known – that will launch this Sunday in the Community Shield. Controversy will finally be eliminated, as we have seen in Test match cricket.

zweka150Badge of the week ~ Zwekapin United FC, Burma
There's such a lot going on in the Zwekapin area of Burma that the football club's badge designers couldn't agree on a single image to represent the team. Clockwise, from top left, the images depict the following. Wicker furniture for soirees on the patio – an untypically serene image for a club crest one might think, but then you have to remember the intense heat. Burmese soirees can get out of control pretty quickly (a 1952 linen party had to be broken up by baton charge).

The image top right represents heat, intense heat of the kind that led the first mayor of Zwekapin to relinquish office after only 30 days, having been discovered buck naked in the public gardens employed in vigorous shadow theatre (according to the defence's account from the transcript of the trial) against the north wall of the secretariat building.

The bottom right image is of the Faceless Bear of Zwekapin. When they heard tales of this bear, people would journey great distances to find him, only to be immensely disappointed to find that the bear did in fact have a face, but it was expressionless. This represented a subtlety in the translation from the local dialect that provoked many a heated argument between traveller and local, which often spilled over into that evening's soiree.

The final image is of an elephant riding a giant beach ball and is self-explanatory. Ultimately, what this badge is saying is this: when you come to Zwekapin, expect the unexpected. Cameron Carter


Brendan Rodgers is younger than Eminem, Paolo Maldini older than Johnny Vegas. More startling football-showbiz age comparisons here.


from Simon Forshaw

"'Since giving up playing football in his early 20s without quitting the junk food his active lifestyle had allowed him to indulge in' – a warning here for Wayne Rooney?"


Mesut Özil doesn't look hugely thrilled at getting his own logo, created by top advertising agency Ogilivy and Mather. Much more here, including music and fashion tips ("because my football shirt is only a part of me").



from Ron Miles

"Decided to get myself some new Leeds Utd desktop wallpaper and checked out what was available from the club. The bottom picture seemed OK until I read the caption above it – surely crowd expectations cannot have sunk so low?"


Arsenal's new chairman is a godsend to headline writers.


from Aidan Taylor

"It would appear the real reason for Tom Newey's wandering career through a succession of lower-league clubs is down to his interests lying elsewhere in the world of blockbuster cinema."



Also in the news this week

Man Utd take a stand against the corporate giants Coca-Cola, on behalf of noted underdogs Pepsi.

Pirouettes like this will be the first thing they teach at the new National Football Centre.

Spurs target the primary school demographic.

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