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7 September 2012 ~

The 2014 World Cup qualifiers begin today with a tricky tie on a bumpy pitch against opponents who are expected to be dour and physical. But Moldova will just have to cope.

persiboBadge of the week ~ Persibo Bojonegoro, Indonesia
In order to cow opponents, Persibo Bojonegoro have used for their crest the infamous Dalek with a Football for its Head, featured in Doctor Who episode 218, Identity Construction Through Sport of the Daleks. In this episode, the Doctor and his companion (a middle-aged woman with a downy upper lip and a bonk eye who only lasted three episodes) landed on the planet Brexidol when the Tardis was blown off course by a Time Gust. On this isolated planet, it was a common occurrence for the Daleks with Footballs for their Heads to maraud through areas populated by humans, intimidating the people by communicating in a staccato fashion and referring to the train station as "Sector 8".

The Daleks with Footballs for their Heads were often racist towards the humans and were known to vandalise property just for the hell of it. Fortunately, when Doctor Who arrived, he utilised his sonic screwdriver to disable the Daleks and everything was OK again, although this took about 45 minutes. Aficionados will know that the Doctor revisited this enemy in episode 380, Indian Summer of the Daleks, to find that there was only one of them left and he was working as a facilitator on a youth reskills programme. Which proves that some Daleks are OK. But mostly they are an absolute shower. Cameron Carter


from Nick Dunmore
"McTears Auctioneers in Glasgow are auctioning this stunning painting of Ally McCoist. Though it is now too late to try and keep him young by putting the picture in your attic, it might at least halt his rapid decline."


from Peter Lawson
"I took this photo of Fergie time on my own television on Sunday. I think I fixed it for them. Gutted."




















On the subject of Sir Alex, the head on this figure appears to have been swapped with one representing an avuncular GP (one of the rarer Corinthian sets depicting nice people in their workplace). See if you can guess who the others are (don't write in).


from John Earls
"Luton striker Andre Gray (@andregee1) posted a pic of his dinner. Sports science may be yet to hit the Blue Square Premier."











Never mind Alan Knill, what happened to the squirrel?


from Manuel Fersch
"It could be that AVB's teams need more space in which to demonstrate their brilliance."


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