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2 March 2012 ~

Harry Redknapp turns 65 today (although he may dispute that figure). Like many people of his age, he seems set to quit his full-time job to take on a part-time role. He is still likely to be working hard over the summer, though, persuading his mates in the press that England defeats have nothing to do with him.

Badge of the week ~ Atlético Sport Aviação, Angola

This is ghastly. It reminds me of an anxiety attack I had in 1998. Never drink Ouzo before swimming with dolphins. Perhaps Atlético Sport Aviação are a relatively modern club who are too forward-looking to use traditional images of strength as their motif. Perhaps the designers felt that a picture of an eagle or citadel would be too confrontational and not the kind of message that a modern, bridge-building, pathways-creating club wished to convey.

Instead they came up with a Travel Lodge blandness that, aiming for inoffensiveness, misses by a good distance. This design has probably been used on the vans of a small carpet-fitting company based in Loughborough or among the titles of a 1980s Chilean news bulletin. This design represents what Sade did to jazz in the 1980s. It represents a leisure centre trainee manager's idea of dynamism. Best not to dwell on it. Cameron Carter

Mark Hughes's recent touchline strop has become the subject of a hummable song (sort of).

from Mike Innes
"Takashi Mizunuma is a former Japan international who now works as a pundit. His prediction that Fagiano Okayama would finish bottom of the second level J2 this season prompted this retaliatory scarf. That's told him."




Roberto Mancini's widely-publicised Fruit Pastilles fix comes from the small tubes rather than a big bag, which would be much better value. It's almost as if money doesn't matter to him.

from James Morgan
"I'm not sure what to be more impressed by when reading Kevin Campbell's Wikipedia page, the fact that he has built a successful security company 'specialising in supplying bodyguards to celebrities and other wealthy customers whilst traveling abroad', that he has the 'distinction of being the English player who has scored the most goals in the Premier League without earning an England cap' or that he has somehow survived despite the retirement of his heart (which you would think would be fatal)."





More on Gary Neville's long-running attempts to build a singular living space. Gary's keenness to make "a lower environmental impact" must surely mean that he has one of the largest compost heaps in Greater Manchester.

from Ed Upright
"When did Quaker Oats become so macho?"

Getting shirty Notable kits of yesteryear

Burnley away, 1993-94
This Burnley shirt was a strange old thing. With our distinctive home colours, we rarely need to wear an away kit. Often we've gone with a white or sky blue number, but usually we stick to a traditional away colour of yellow with claret trim. In 1993-94 we had halves in "mint and black". It was a tribute to our first ever colours in 1882, apparently. But it wasn't our centenary year, nor had we done anything significant in 1893.

It was a good season too – we got promoted via the play-offs, beating Stockport who had positioned themselves as a rival of sorts. It was nothing to do with the shirt, though. We won once wearing it: York away in the FA Cup. To add further to the mystique, visitors Southend didn't bring their away kit so had to wear the green and black and we walloped them for five. The following year Manchester City had to borrow the shorts and were duly dispatched for seven.

Thankfully, we had Plymouth, who wore their traditional green, in the play-off semi-finals and then turned out in an all-claret number in the final. Otherwise our recent history might have been very different. Unsurprisingly the kit was not retained and we were back in yellow the following year. Kevin Clarke

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