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Jon Wainright takes a look at the flashy Chester City chairman, who may soon have to abandon his Aston Martin.

Distinguishing features Generally described as a Manchester based property dealer, but that could mean anything. Mark, a portly, balding, bespectacled chap in his late thirties, drives an Aston Martin and likes to be seen at away games with glamourous female company. Whether these poor women prefer swanky restaurants to Belle Vue and the McCain Stadium, Scarborough on a cold Tuesday night is open to debate.

John Marshall profiles the Hibernian chairman who has never invested a penny in the club and remains an unpopular figure among supporters

Distinguishing Features Lex is always well coiffured. In fact rumour has it that what he has on top may not be all natural. He dresses well, like a senior civil servant, and so it will come as no surprise that for many years he was exactly that. The current issue of the fanzine Mass Hibsteria has Lex’s picture alongside that of camp Aussie comic Bob Downe. Picture Bob and you’ve pictured Lex though it’s a toss up as to which is the comedian.

David Pendleton examines Geoffrey Richmond's unglamorous rags to riches tale

Habitat A self made man. Bought Ronson Lighters when they were insolvent, turned the company around and sold it for £10m plus. Now being the Chairman of Bradford City is his full time occupation, he is always first to enter the building and last to leave. Opens all the mail, occasionally answers the phones and has been known to work in the ticket office. Hands-on is an inadequate term.

Owen Oyston saved Blackpool from the brink of bankruptcy. David Blundell looks at the controversial businessman

Distinguishing Features Take the Emperor Ming, dress him in the archetypal football manager sheepskin and stick a six gallon hat on his head. You now have Owen Oyston. At least, that was Owen a year ago. Now, denim shirt and trousers with arrows are more his line (he is now in Pentonville prison for the unusual crime of using undue influence to talk a girl into sexual congress).

Laura Vanauskas looks at the father and son millionaires who own Belgium's biggest club

Distinguishing features: Constant is a self made millionaire of the old school who presided over the club like it was his family. He liked to think he knew what was best for everyone and was known to have meddled in the daily running of the team. His eldest son, Roger, who took over last season, is simply a chip off the old block.

He may not be a massively wealthy owner, but Paul Cook reveals that Doncaster fans have other reasons for disliking their chairman

Distinguishing Features: A typical small town businessman, he introduced a trendy new look at a recent friendly with his trousers tucked into the back of his shoes.

John Ellis profiles the former property developer who now owns Luton Town

Distinguishing Features: A remarkable resemblance to Rodney Bewes in his chubby middle manager period from the second series of Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads. For younger readers, this means Alan Sugar without the beard.

Alex Horsburgh profiles the little-known man behind Clydebank

Distinguishing features: Not unlike a Glasgow detective in the Taggart mould. Jack was way ahead of his time when merging Clydebank and East Stirlingshire in 1965. ES Clydebank only lasted a season but Bankies, then a junior club, got into the League when East Stirlingshire retained their identity in a court action. Since then Jack has been master of all he surveys, which is sometimes from the PA booth on top of the stand from where he has even been known to do the announcements.

Robert Fordham on Liverpool's chairman

Looks like: Keyboard player with a rock group that had a couple of hits in the mid 70s and still play them to big audiences in Kuala Lumpur, Harare and Auckland. Product of an expensive private education, David has reinvented himself as Super Scally. He may have learned the accent phonetically but it seems to have stuck. More recently, he has started to look like a prospective father who turns up at the hospital only to find out it might be a phantom pregnancy – Roy Evans’ continued specialization in almost-but-not-quites is starting to take its toll. Also known as Freddie Boswell.

Rob Trent & Gavin Meaden profile Bournemouth's ownership

Who’s in charge at Bournemouth? Well, we’re not sure. Prior to the receivers being called in, the club has been in a state of turmoil, resignations from the board at one stage leaving us with only two directors. The general perception amongst the supporters is that Norman Hayward is now top bod. A month before that it was Ken Gardiner, who ‘resigned’ through ‘ill-health’.

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