And who are you exactly

Captain Magpie tells us about Notts County well tanned chairman and the stand he modestly named after himself

Distinguishing features Always well tanned, accompanied by (considerably younger) blonde wife. Looks for all the world like a veteran Hollywood actor – Paul Newman, maybe, or Clint Eastwood – when dealing with bolshie agents or managers.

Padraig McKenna gives his assessment of chairman and lifelong Forest fan Eric Barnes

Distinguishing features A new face to those of us who do not consort with the business elite of the east midlands,our only exposure to Eric so far has been through the media. The image that springs to mind most readily is a rather severe look­ing, balding man with big glasses standing uneasily in a deserted City Ground, presumably trying to exclude the thought that this could be a foretaste of our future.

Peter Ridsdale quietly rose to the position of chairman at Leeds United in 1996.  Nick Varley gives us the lowdown of the lifelong fan who appears all to happy to mix it with the supporters

Distinguishing features First publicly spotted in the mid-1980s, he resembled a chipper, well-dressed geography teacher, ie tweedy sports jackets, but without leather elbow patches. The suits have stayed sensible, but the boyish parted hair has turned white so that he now looks like an avuncular Swedish diplomat.

Bayern Munich club president Franz Beckenbauer has one of the most enviable CVs in the game, and Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger tells us how the man can do no wrong in his native Germany

Distinguishing features Awesome, really. He looks like the royalty he is and doesn’t even need the normally imperative elephant’s ears and protruding noses the less noble employ to stress their status. Actually, he may very well be the first person to rule Germany who’s not an ugly gnome, a shrivelled old fogey or a walking glandular disorder. Has the healthy tan that betrays the good golfer, sports the receding hairline which proves he’s been there and seen it all, and took up wearing understated glasses to suggest he might even be a bit of a thinker.

Paul Mullen looks at man, but not just any man, a Hartlepool man 

Distinguishing features Somewhat vertically-challenged, but still manages to tower over our typically minute forward line. Always dapper in business suits and overcoats, although he has been known to loosen his top shirt button occasionally for that casual look.

Part -time TV soap star look alike, part-time adventure explorer - Craig Gurney looks at Swindon Town's chariman

Distinguishing Features He used to look a bit like Coronation Street’s Les Battersby in a sharp suit. But not even Tricky Rikki can cheat the ageing process and he is now starting to look like the middle-aged businessman he surely is; more bloke down the golf club than bloke down the pub. The Battersby motif still has some mileage though. Les, you may recall, has made a fool of himself over professional blonde scouser, Margi Clarke. Hunt has a love of all things scouse; himself for a start. He stood by another blond (if receding) scouser, Steve McMahon, much longer than he should have. Even now, Hunt will not hear a bad word spoken against the manager who brought us two years of disastrous mid-season slumps. 

Responsible for solving the nation's dinner crisis with Pizza Express Bob Allen and Sean Ingham take a closer look at Peterborough's similar sounding chairman

Distinguishing Features Rotund and white-haired, a cross between Rumpole of the Bailey and Private Godfrey of Dad’s Army. Always wears a navy suit. 

Andrew Turton finds out more about the solid, if unspectacular, chairman at the Bluebirds

Distinguishing Features Tall, handsome and immaculately turned out. The local press always pictures him staring trance-like into the distance, apparently dreaming of the Premier League. Dream on, Samesh.

AS Thomas finds out more about the Swans' unpopular chairman

Distinguishing features Large, camp waddler with a horrendous comb-over. Always seen at The Vetch in a green bulging Barbour coat irrespective of the climate.

Neil Reynolds finds out more about the Baggies' visionary chairman

Distinguishing Features Fiftyish, with dark hair and a light moustache which gives the impression that one or other is false; they’re not.

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