And who are you exactly

Lifelong Walsall fan Jeff Bonser bought into the club in 1991, eventually going on to become the chairman in 1997. Paul Giess explains how his unpopular methods have given the club finanacial stability

Distinguishing features Looks like a business studies lecturer with a Mercedes.

David Harrison endeavours to find out exactly who Haig Oundjian is, and discovers more than just a football man 

Distinguishing features Extraordinarily well-preserved and unquestionably handsome, but in possession of distressingly big hair. Generally, every bit as smooth as a chocolate sandwich. Better looking – hell, younger looking – than the entire back four. And that can’t be right, can it?

Gonzalo Anton's is a typical rags-to-riches story. Phil Ball tries to establish exactly who he is

Distinguishing Features Tubby but tough, slicked-back hair with blazer and tie – more British Legion than Savile Row. With the flattish nose of an ex-boxer, not the sort of chap you’d cross too often. Cuts a respectable figure, without looking as though he’s been dressed by his wife. Anyway, he’s divorced.

Barry Kilby is a majority shareholder of Burnley FC and has revitalised the club. Jeremy Wilson endeavours to find out who is the man behind all the success

Distinguishing Features Tall, with a crop of red hair, Barry stands out in a crowd. In the early days of his reign he could be easily spotted from afar ensconced in a full-length 100 per cent llama hair coat. However, following merciless piss-taking of said garment on a supporters’ group website (Barry is known to check out a variety of sites on a regular basis) it failed to make another appearance on the Turf.

Ken Booth, the current Rotherham United owner, has been trying to sell the club almost since he bought it. Nigel Wilkes tells us exactly who the chairman is

Distinguishing Features Has been described as a cross between Bill “I love scrap” Fraser in the Barn­stoneworth episode of Ripping Yarns and Uriah Heep (the Dick­ensian character, not the ones who sang Gypsy), but I think he looks more a superannuated ferret.

Steve Parish takes a look at the Manchester City chairman

Distinguishing features Prosperous businessman, nice sober suits. Not exactly self-effacing, but knows how to keep a low profile.

Danny Ruler looks at the Millwall chairman

Distinguishing Features A balding Greek Cypriot with a cheeky smile. Has a cockney accent with Greek twang that his detractors always claim is faked to try to make him “one of the fans”.

Alan Crockford's handy guide to the Exeter chairman

Distinguishing features Grey hair. Awful grey suits. Grey shoes so cheap and nasty looking that he might as well wear flip-flops.

Doug Everitt is a typical grey-haired accountant – and the chairman of Grimsby Town. Ian Rodwell takes a deeper look at the man who looks odds-on to oversee another relegation

Distinguishing features A typical, grey-haired, middle-aged accountant. Vice-chairman Bryan Huxford, who seems to think of himself as a local celebrity, has most of the contact with the media.

His takeover was welcomed, but the bubble has been bursting since.  Anthony Hobbs takes a deeper look at QPR's chairman Chris Wright

Distinguishing FeaturesLooks a bit like a hippy version of Roger DeCourcey (of Nookie Bear fame), or Richard Branson’s unkempt, chubbier brother. Has the facial expression of someone who may have inhaled during the Sixties. Allegedly.

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