Forcing owners to back down shows that action can be effective

icon ticketprices11 February ~ Liverpool’s owners have backed down on their plan to raise ticket prices after protests from supporters. Around 10,000 Liverpool fans walked out of Anfield on Saturday, leading to those in control announcing a price freeze for the next two seasons and apologising to fans. The move has rekindled the debate surrounding ticket prices, and whether they should be based solely on supply and demand or whether clubs have a responsibility to keep them low and avoid pricing supporters out of attending matches.

Gareth Roberts of The Anfield Wrap has looked at the impact the situation at Liverpool could have on the wider game, pointing out: “Liverpool have recognised their mistake and rectified it. They should be applauded for it. So should the fans that made a stand. Now eyes will turn to match-goers elsewhere to push for similar. If Liverpool can do it, why can’t we, should be the question on the lips of likeminded fans across the country (and there are plenty).”

You can read Gareth’s full article here.

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