22 September ~ In WSC 282 we surveyed our readers on their experiences of this summer's World Cup. One of the questions we asked was: "What was the biggest effort you made/lamest excuse you gave to watch a particular match – and which match?" Here are some of the best responses:

I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my wife in exchange for unlimited TV access rights during the World Cup. Neither of us benefited from this arrangement.

None in particular – I work in a care home where most of residents were happy to watch the games anyway. There were occasional arguments about whether or not to watch Deal or No Deal instead.

Any game involving New Zealand because goalkeeper Mark Paston played half a dozen games for Walsall six years ago.

The biggest effort, claiming I had to take my wife to the gynaecologist at short notice... the truth was there was no way in hell I was missing Uruguay v Ghana.

Installed a new version of Flash to watch England v USA online. It didn't work.

I got my girlfriend into gambling on games so that I could watch because she would be gripped by seeing if she was going to make a few quid.

Asked to watch France v Mexico whilst at my girlfriend's parents' house on the basis that one of the France players was my Grandad's neighbour.

Missing viewing my prospective wedding-dance band with my fiance and the future in-laws to watch Spain v Chile.

No need to make any effort or excuses as am on maternity leave and the baby seems to like the soothing sound of the vuvuzela.

The ten hours of mainly iced-tea drinking in a football bar in Tokyo that was the only way I could guarantee a seat for the all-ticket England v Algeria game, ko 3.30am, for which effort I was suitably rewarded.

Got off work for 2nd half of England v Slovenia. All pubs too crowded, ended up watching through the window of the Perserverance pub near Edgware Road. Best bit was the cider at full time. Had ice in it, enjoyed the ice.

Stayed unemployed all summer for the whole gig.

I agreed to buy my wife a pair of new shoes so I could watch a game during our honeymoon in Mauritus - it was England v Algeria, so wasn't worth a used pair of socks, let alone a pair of tan, high-heeled brogues.

Doing the ironing watching the final.

"I think the pollen count is quite high today - I think I'd better stop indoors." I have never suffered from hay fever.

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