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Players' predictable sex scandals
Football Focus takes it too far
Disturbingly precocious behaviour at the Gothia Cup – the world's largest youth tournament
Bosnian football at a turning point and the FA of Ireland shoots itself in the foot
Self-important perceptions on transfer deadline day
A surreal night out in the Europa League as Dundee Utd visit Athens
John Rooney – Wayne's little brother confounds expectations at Macclesfield

Also in this issue:

Not coping with Chelsea Terry, Lampard, Cole and the gang
"As Chelsea thumped six goals first past West Brom and then, as disappointingly as life itself, did the same to Wigan, hideous memories danced in my mind as the overbearing boys in blue hugged each other wreathed in boorish smiles. Memories of Margaret Thatcher leaning triumphantly out of the window in 1987, of John Selwyn Gummer being congratulated by the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate in 1992, or of David Mellor gurning and grinning like the Squire’s fat son who has just won the garden fête raffle. Every Chelsea victory, I realised, feels like a Tory landslide. Two games in, six points, 12 goals, none conceded. Just rejoice at that news, just rejoice." Buy here to read the full article

Higher selves Is there too much tactical talk?
"In this view, football's global appeal is due to its beauty, which becomes clearer as the game becomes more sophisticated. This is deeply misguided for two reasons. First, it holds true only if you find games at the highest level intrinsically fascinating... I watched Spain's World Cup win with a mixture of admiration and frustration. Yes, it was technically and tactically brilliant, and sometimes 'beautiful'. But was it gripping? Were those four 1-0 wins in a row the best football can be? To me there was something repressed and clinical about Spain that sucked drama from their matches. Contrast that with the first half of England v Germany, which showcased recklessness, daring, incompetence and stupidity. Less advanced, certainly, but much more fun." Buy here to read the full article

The hundred club
Attempting to see every European finalist
"I've seen 66 of them. That's exactly two-thirds. There are probably some who've seen the lot though. Probably even more, like me, will have realised that 'every European finalist' is as worthy of bagging ambition as 'every League ground', 'every League champion' and 'every club Neil Warnock's managed'. No doubt, I'll be far from alone in recognising it as worthy of that kind of on-the-autism-spectrum attention. But when the list hits 100 – and Fulham last season were number 99 – everyone will want a piece. So I want it recorded now, before the 'UEFA 100' blogs and badges appear – I want it noted ahead of the corporate, populist rush, that, like those who prefer Motorcycle Emptiness to A Design For Life, I was into it before you. Even if I've never really come close to completing the set. Unless you're a millionaire, a budget travel guru who only works during summer or you attended any of the London Select XI's Fairs Cup games half a century ago, it's a unique set of circumstances which present Euro finalist-collecting as a viable ambition." Buy here to read the full article

Hartlepool Utd 0, Sheffield Wednesday 5
An end-of-summer thrashing for the hosts
"In the second half at Victoria Park there's an odd moment when it seems we might be witnessing the birth of a new musical phenomenon. In the past people have successfully fused techno with jazz, hip hop with heavy metal and Indian bhangra with Celtic reels, but so far as I know nobody has until now thought of combining sub-Saharan African drumming with good old-fashioned north-east exasperated football moaning." Buy here to read the full article

Croydon collapse; reviving drama on pre-First World War corruption; a referee breaks cover
In the shadow of the Ochil Hills – following Alloa Athletic home and away
World Cup bids – Problems with local attendance; while Holland and Belgium fiddle with FIFA's figures
How big clubs exploit the loan system
Zhang Enhua, famous in China and Grimsby
South Africa's tournament hangover and the struggle to succeed Maradona
The results of the 2010 WSC survey are in – your views on hype, morality and stadiums
A notorious name from the 1960s pictured in the pub
Highbury hero; messing with management; scary Scotland; Liverpool history lessons
Season in brief Colombia 1951

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Illustration by Tim Bradford, photo by Paul Thompson

Comments (1)
Comment by mon the chelsea 2010-10-11 14:05:23

I would like to know what enraged buffoon wrote the article about Chelsea? Normally the articles in wsc are balanced views but this was just terrible writing, I expect better from wsc...

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