10 September ~ "It's bad enough having the FA accommodate and nurture the pariahs at Milton Keynes, but recently it seems the BBC's Football League Show has joined in. On September 4, with no games in the Championship, the show could have taken the opportunity to cover, for example, the inaugural East End derby between Dagenham & Redbridge and Leyton Orient, or showcase a League Two game such as the through-your-fingers derby between Macclesfield Town and Stockport County. Instead, we were 'treated' to MK Dons v Hartlepool Utd.

Already this season, the programme has given the club coverage in their Potted History section (note to the BBC – there are 71 other clubs in the Football League with longer and more deserving histories to choose from) and, to cap it all, some bright spark has placed the club's chevron-on-a-stick logo in a prime studio location adjacent to Manish Bhasin's head, when it should be much closer to Steve Claridge's behind." Sent in by Eddie Hutchinson. Taken from this week's WSC Weekly Howl

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Comment by eighteen85 2010-09-10 22:58:42

If you think that's bad, you should listen to the coverage afforded to the Bletchley Stealers by BBC Three Counties radio, the football frenzy's "local" station. It truly is impossible to describe just how sycophantic it is - not only were the thieving gits welcomed with (in the words of The Who) "open arms and open legs", but anyone who dared to suggest that the whole project was in any way not quite the right thing to do, was given shrift far, far shorter than the late, great Dvid Preece. Their attitude can best be summed up by by an occurance last season when Wimbledon played at Luton last season: a Wimbledon fan phoned 3CR's post-match phone-in to talk about his team's match; before he'd even started, presenter and chief franchise arse-licker Luke Ashmead warned him not to stray onto the subject of You Know Who. Utterly shameful - NFNF

Comment by krance 2010-09-13 13:55:35

I'll give you two resons why Sky are so keen to show live games from Stadimum:MK
1 - the club is extremenly media-friendly
2 - the facilities are top-class
I admit the Pools game was very dull but October's JPT clash with Charlton should be infinitely more exciting.
BTW if D&R v Leyton Orient is an 'East End Derby' then I'm the lovehchild of Phil Mitchell and Barbara Windsor!

Comment by eighteen85 2010-09-13 16:47:33

I've read the original piece a number of times and I can't even see the word "Sky" (or "sky, come to that) mentioned, so I'm not entirely sure as to the relevance of krance's comments.

Judging by the rest of what he/she has to say, one can only assume he/she's a fully paid-up member of Wanky Winky's pro-soccer crazed frenzoid army.

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