31 August ~ Startlingly garish, this badge hits you right between the eyes and just keeps on hitting. If the Co-op custard yellow wasn't enough to turn your stomach, the combination of this with royal blue and white might just tip you towards the bathroom. And then there is the trigger-happy use of lines and shapes: arcs, triangles, circles, crosses, stars – it is as if the designer found an old Spirograph set after drinking a whole bottle of Ouzo and then coloured it all in in just the right combination to enable him to throw up and start drinking again. Read more

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Comment by tempestinaflathat 2010-08-31 15:33:14

I would be very disappointed if a club with a name like Marsaxlokk had a boring badge. Marsaxlokk! It sounds like some evil empire from Star Trek, or perhaps an antidepressant.

Comment by donedmundo 2010-08-31 16:56:51

A pretty little fishing village in the south east corner of Malta. Pronounced 'Marshaschlok' Not sure about the Ouzo, it's nowhere near Greece or Cyprus. More likely to be drinking Cisk beer than Ouzo.

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