27 August ~ How many teams in the world play in black and white stripes? We'd say that it's upwards of 169. That's now many clubs have been tracked down by Roy Delaney, although he thinks he may have missed a couple along the way. Monochrome facts and figures are assembled here

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Comment by Alex Anderson 2010-08-27 13:55:52

Only too happy to donate: My home-town team Ardrossan Winton Rovers have wornthe monochrome stripes more often than hoops and, also from the Ayrshire Juniors, Beith. And, from the Higland League, to get on your Wick so to speak, I do believe Fraserburgh are fellow zebra-files.

Comment by Oitim 2010-08-31 07:45:29

You'll have to lose Vissel Kobe in Japan, I'm afraid. Their megalomaniac chairman changed their kit to some burgundy thing, on the assumption that teams in red tend to win things (although not in this case as they shot straight down to J2). The change of kit of course greatly annoyed their supporters (I signed the petition that they took around other J-League clubs to save the black and white which, alas, proved as successful as my attempt to stop the Iraq war by walking around London in 2003).

Still, down in the Kanto League there is Tonan Maebashi FC, resplendent in their black and white stripes, so there's a swap for you.

Comment by Roy D Hacksaw 2010-09-04 02:13:39

Nice one Oitim! Tonan Maebashi - another one for the list! I can't find a lot of English language info for them - have you any idea where I can learn anything?

As for Vissel - I heard about their plight in having to change theior colours, so I thought I'd include them as a tale of warning for all these clubs who sell their sold to the big bucks!

Cheers for the kind help!


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