21 July ~ The majority of football clubs look set to jump on the anti-vuvuzela bandwagon by banning the controversial instrument from games next season. Ryman Division One South side Whyteleafe became the first club in the country to officially prohibit the vuvuzela and, since then, others have followed suit.

The latest decision is in stark contrast to a month ago when the issue was not even recognised by most clubs. There were even rumours of several sides following Celtic's approach and marketing their own branded official version for fans. Interestingly, the FA have not sanctioned any bans of the instrument for the upcoming Community Shield, so fans attending and watching should prepare themselves for a déjà vu moment.

During the World Cup, much was made of the vuvuzela and its effect on the atmosphere, with non-stop buzzing effectively drowning out any indication of cheers and chants. However, there has recently been further weight added to the argument against the object. Not only can a vuvuzela damage hearing but also spread flu and cold germs, according to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. West Ham have even claimed that it could used as "a weapon". The sight and sound of rival fans making parping drones would likely provoke more annoyance than worry though. Peter Lam


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Comment by Doinbiznis 2010-07-21 14:11:10

I rather enjoyed the sound of swarming bees on corner kicks, free kicks, and the like! Plus, at least initially, it drowned out the nonsense of the pundits as they tried to call the matches.

Then again I was sitting at the pub, far away in Canada, and therefore saving my hearing and protected from "flu and cold germs" (well maybe...)

Comment by Red Jaff 2010-07-21 22:31:19

I was in Amsterdam for the world cup final and managed to procure myself a vuvuzela. I can tell you first hand they make you very unpopular. I reckon the ban is beneficial to those who might want to use them as banning them with dramatically reduce the chances of them coming to physical harm.

Comment by Lincoln 2010-07-22 14:42:33

Don't think there was really any need to ban them as I agree with the above, fans will be self policing. It would be a brave man who starts to blow his vuvuzela in The New Den

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