May 24 ~ The book reviews from the latest WSC are online now. There's an explanation of England's international failure, which reads "like watching Seth Johnson against Paolo Maldini". Dwight Yorke seems to suffer from footballing amnesia in Born To Score, and a WSC contributor tells what is required to win the World Cup. If tales from the 1980s are more your thing, there's also First Among Unequals, Viv Anderson's autobiography:

"Anderson's career was strangely repetitious: he was always there at the start of big things for whichever club he moved to, but it was only at Forest where he managed to reap the benefits. By the time the European champions squad splinters, Viv is on his way to Arsenal, where he finds himself tied with rope to the rest of the Gunners' back four so they all went in the same direction, getting battered with George Best and Simon Le Bon in Tramps (only for the former to announce at 5am that he was getting married that day), and Liverpool are winning everything.

When Fergie comes a-calling, he's watching in astonishment in the changing room as Michael Knighton pulls out an extra-large kit and demands to lead the team out, having to deal with John Fashanu ringing up his wife and convincing her to tell the press that they're having an affair for some easy chequebook journalism money, and Arsenal are winning the League. By the time he's at Middlesbrough, he's having an affair with a nightclub manager and his wife has had all his possessions dumped on the training ground, and Man Utd are winning everything."

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