The new WSC is out now, available from all good newsagents or dispatched on the day of order from the WSC shop. Including:
The Big Four's European set-backs are no cause for national woe
Lionel Messi media hype
José Mourinho returns to Chelsea
Tony Mowbray's Celtic failure
Walter Tull – footballer and soldier who broke the race barriers
The strange case of Chris Smalling
The president of Chile owns his country's biggest club

Also in this issue:

Swinging the vote Labour’s suggestions for the governance of football
"These latest plans also demonstrate substantial progress from the glitzy early days of New Labour, when Tony Blair’s professed enthusiasm for the game was deployed more from a desire to show his 'regular guy' credentials and to revel in the stardust of a newly reglamourised post-Euro 96 domestic game (that famous photo-op with Blair and Kevin Keegan playing head-tennis offers a revealing snapshot of the giddy delusions of the period). Now though, and at last, political parties aren’t just worshipping at football’s glittering altar but are being forced to seriously address how it manages itself." Buy here to read the full article

Block tackled Problems obtaining coaching qualifications
"The importance attached to properly trained coaches means clubs are unwilling to offer the real responsibility and scope for development that an amateur coach needs. I had my Level One certificate, work experience with a Premier League club and the bruises to prove it. But I could not find a single local club that was happy with me – a complete outsider – coming in and coaching their kids to complete my Level Two. Twice I was asked if I could drive kids to matches but that wasn’t really what I was looking for and I can’t drive." Buy here to read the full article

In the heat of the battle
The World Cup's highest-scoring match
"The Austrians were also suffering from the heat. Their goalie Kurt Schmied, a heavy smoker, collapsed at half time. 'He simply wasn’t there for the first three goals he conceded,' said his team-mate Theodor Wagner. Schmied was so disorientated in the second half that the Austrian masseur Pepi Ulrich had to stand by his goal and mop his brow with sponges while he stumbled backwards and forwards with his head in his hands. With the keeper not even knowing what the score was, the masseur had to guide him as if by remote control: 'Kurtl, watch out, they’re coming! They’re coming down the right, Kurtl, now they’re coming down the left!'" Buy here to read the full article

Chesterfield 1 Hereford United 2 Farewell to Saltergate
"At half time, while the regulars get a 'pass-out' to go back to the Social Club for another pint, I take a wander around the back of the Kop. There are many mysterious little booths and huts, some pebble-dashed and others boarded-up, and the good old open-air men’s bogs. And in each corner, beneath the traditional floodlight pylon, there is a cordoned-off area of genuine old-time terracing with its shallow three inch steps. Now it looks like a material from a distant age, like a great-great-grandmother’s face, wrinkled, brown, spotted, decayed, homely. Maybe, if they can’t preserve a whole ground, they should try to keep just one of these sections – a small corner that is forever Division Three (North)." Buy here to read the full article


West Ham's new owners make themselves heard
Non-League centres of excellence
Charlie Austin – goal machine
Southport's promotion push in pictures
A new man at the Football League
FC Moscow crushed off the pitch
Millionaire shakes up the League of Ireland
Controlling Argentina's hooligans
Season in brief – Division One 1968-69

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Illustration by Ben Tallon, photo by Tony Davis

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