10 February ~ While Premier League supporters can keep tabs on their players' sex lives in today's papers, many lower-league fans would have appreciated reading stories of Carlisle's well-deserved victory over Leeds Utd in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy northern final. If only it had been reported like that. Instead, Carlisle fans will have had to read all about Leeds, including reports of alleged fan violence involving the home crowd and sour grapes from the losing manager Simon Grayson. It was an apparent shock result for many papers who seem to have forgotten that Carlisle are former winners of the trophy and who are now be heading for their fifth Wembley final. Yes, Leeds may once have been a successful club, but Carlisle were the better side last night in a well-contested match. Is it not time that the headlines went where they belong, to the winners? No doubt, however, fans in Cumbria and around the country will still take great pleasure in Leeds' failure to get to the final of the "Paint Pot" trophy, yet another distraction on their quest to be where they apparently belong. Matt Hocken

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Comment by maxis 2010-02-10 15:34:23

I think if you ask most Leeds fans they're really not that bothered about losing the game, and despite the crappy pitch it was a decent match.

However, I think if the crowd control and its consequences had been similar at Elland Road, you'd be seeing far bigger headlines about it. I'm sure Carlisle will get away with it (as Leeds would not have done).

So calm down and grow up,

Comment by Vegard_CUFC 2010-02-10 16:01:09

Good article. I woke up this morning looking forward to read about our win, but everthing was about the incident on the ptich and Leeds. Even newspaers here in Norway are doing exactly the same.

Comment by AreYouForReal 2010-02-10 16:14:21

Well deserved, wasnt the tie decided on penalties, didnt leeds actuall win the game last night 3-2 away from home???????

what has grayson said other than he was proud of his teams efforts?

the only concern or comments other than that is 3 leeds uniteds players being attacked by supporters something matt would probaby have wrote a book on had it being the other way round

so as usual the matt hockens of this world and supporters around the country will take great delight in leeds not getting to the final, whats new zzzzzzz, in fact they will take more delight in that then the actual achievements of their own team

Comment by jimmy 2010-02-10 17:28:04

What a lazy piece of Journalism. Leeds were better than Carlisle in every area of the pitch last and deserved their win on the night. Penaltys are, of course, are a lottery... unless your players are being blinded by a blue laser pen through it.

If the club wanted the headlines to be about football then they should have done more to prevent the ferile rats you call fans running onto the pitch and assulting the Leeds players.

how amusing that your "fans in Cumbria and around the country will still take great pleasure in Leeds' failure to get to the final of the "Paint Pot" trophy."

It's even more amusing the pleasure us Leeds fans take from watching you stuggle against relegation as we stroll out of this divison.

Comment by poppyangel 2010-02-10 22:53:27

Nothing lazy about this article. As a Leeds fan of 40 years I still have to agree this is an objective piece of journalism. Well done.

Comment by deebo 2010-02-10 23:37:54

Shame to see an article on WSC peddling this oh-so-typical anti-Leeds propaganda.

Firstly, "alleged fan violence involving the home crowd"????

Three of our players were assaulted by your home fans who ran onto the pitch, all visable on camera I might add.

And shining lights into players faces?

Secondly, well deserved victory? We won the game 3-2 matey, you won on penalties, something no team "deserves". You would be as well to toss a coin. Good thing for Carlise there was no away goals or extra time.

It must be hard to accept, but the only reason you aren't reading about "plucky" Carlise's "great" win on the night is because (1) there wasn't one, and (2) YOUR fans spoilt it.

Get over yourself.

Comment by superleedswhite 2010-02-11 15:10:01

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Did you know the match was on Sky Sports? You could have watched it and then known what you were talking about!
Not only have you made a fool of yourself, you have also proved you are a band wagon jumper to the highest extreme!

Any man worth his salt could see Leeds were the better team on the night, despite an appaling first half, and an even worse referee (who had obviously had a bolloking at half time for being such a pedantic fool).

To be honest, I'm gutted not to be going to Wembley, as i'm sure Johnstones paint & the FL are. A sell out for a worthless cup?! Still, it wasn't to be!

Just hope the kids in Carlisle have Monday off, or don't recieve banning orders for Tuesdays antics, or there will only be 4000 Carlisle fans there!

We're not famous anymore...............

Comment by YourMrBumbles 2010-02-13 13:49:01

I am a Leeds fan and was impressed by this small piece; good objective journalism! Lets have more from this journo on WSC!!

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