9 February ~ We had reason to upbraid an Azerbaijani team last week for not putting the effort in on their club crest, yet here we are again with the same issue arising. FK Baku's resident designers have cast their eyes over the topography, landscape and history of the local area and come up with a sleeping dog interrupted by someone entering the room. At least they have incorporated a special effect, however. True, it is a scrolling duplication effect of the type last seen sometime in the mid-to-late 70s in the opening titles to We Are The Champions with Ron Pickering but even so, it is at least an attempt at livening up proceedings. Read more

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Comment by mortenaa 2010-02-09 15:41:27

The object on the FK Baku badge, is not in fact a '70s special effect, but a depiction of the Maiden Tower, the most famous landmark in the old city of Baku.

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