29 September ~  In the aftermath of the Manchester derby it has emerged that Man Utd's players were goaded into their second leg comeback by the words of Garry Cook, City's chief executive. In his pre-match teamtalk Sir Alex Ferguson quoted Cook's claim that City would definitely reach the final. Earlier in the week Cook had boasted – in the aptly named Mad Hatters Saloon – that City would be going to Wembley, "not if, but when, we beat United".

Aware of the embarrassment caused by Cook's propensity to speak first and think later, City's owners are reportedly considering dispensing with his services. This would no doubt come as a shock to Cook, who was recently described as a "fundamental pivot-point of the regeneration of the club".

Cook's sacking would deny him the opportunity to make City "the biggest and best club in the world", a project he believes is ticking over nicely – much like the banner on the Stretford End. But while his exit would embarrass the club, it would free up some time for Cook to see his old golf buddy Thaksin Shinawatra.

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Comment by RayDeChaussee 2010-01-29 13:56:49

Nice to hear that the City owners are embarrassed by this grade-A tool. I imagine most City fans are too. Ta'ra Garry.

Comment by WebbieWebbster 2010-01-29 16:28:40

There's already a candidate to fill the void. Not as adept at putting foot in mouth as of yet, but showing early promise:

"I love the idea of calling the club West Ham Olympic."

Comment by stuart77 2010-01-30 11:23:06

Would be good to use the Olympic stadium properly. Man City did well out of the Common Wealth games and West Ham could do with a boost. I wish football fans could see the benefits of stadium shares like the San Siro. Birmingham and Villa both have decent stadiums but have yet to build one to match those in London and Manchester.

Comment by liamthebulgar 2010-01-30 22:18:57

I am finally incensed enough to register and comment

"Birmingham and Villa both have decent stadiums but have yet to build one to match those in London and Manchester."
Stuart - are you referring to the NATIONAL stadium Wembley - with its still inadequate toilets? not to mention inadequate views and extortiantely priced refreshments? Or perhaps Craven Cottage? Loftus Road? Some cities and clubs have to pay for their own developments you know rather than relying on tax-payers money (neither Milan club owns the San Siro)
Or perhaps you refer to Old Trafford? Home of the most indebted club in football? Closely followed of course by Arsenal (whatever the name of their stadiunm is these days) and Liverpool (sinking slowly but gracelesly).
I would have thought that the point of an 'Olympic Sadium" was to partake in the Olympic Games. Bugger me. I had lost track that the English language means something differnt in the Hone County of Cheshire and its evirons.

Comment by bearlion 2010-02-01 10:03:28

Have you ever been to St Andrew's stuart77?? I'm sure it'll be nice when it's finished

Comment by ian.64 2010-02-02 14:27:44

How nice it would be if the question mark at the end of the article title was replaced with a full stop.

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