16 December 2009 ~ There was good news for Devon this afternoon as Plymouth was selected as a host city in England's 2018 World Cup bid. In WSC 169 (March 2001) Nick House delved into the "intrigue of a football micro-culture" and argued that one team in the county got far more coverage than the other two

Some years ago, Harry Pearson wrote a wonderful book about football in the north-east of England. By calling it The Far Corner he unwittingly paid a compliment to football west of Taunton Deane services by not labelling Devon as English football’s outpost. Read the full article

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Comment by spoons 2009-12-17 18:09:42

It seems that the selection of Plymouth as a World Cup venue is not going down too well in some areas (Hull and Leicester for example).
The main criticism is that the ground isn't full every week with people watching Argyle struggling in the Championship. As far as I'm aware Plymouth Argyle will not be playing in the World Cup unless the rules change dramatically before 2018 so people won't be going there to watch them. The bid was successful because it was felt that Plymouth and Cornwall would be a pleasant place for visiting fans to be based with the excellent scenery and abundant accommodation. With due respect to those other places would fans from Spain or France (both of which have ferry services to Plymouth) rather go to Plymouth?

Comment by johno2499 2009-12-22 20:42:05

Hull has ferry services to Holland and Belgium. Leicester, strangely enough, cannot offer much in the way of ferry services. but then neither can Birmingham or Manchester. Hull has an international airport. Plymouth does not.
Seriously, though, in 1966 World Cup venues were selected by utilising existing stadia, including Middlesbrough and White City. That makes sense whilst there is a recession.

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