25 November ~ This badge makes a lovely change from all the footballs and stars and rampant lions. Here we have either a man whose bag of crisps, stubbornly resisting his cold fingers' attempts at opening along the seam, has burst open suddenly, spilling all contents. Or perhaps the pictured figure is a farmer sewing his seed in a way that suggests he hasn't invested in the newest technologies available. This alone might lead the neutral to question his suitability for the world of agriculture, even before we notice he is wearing white shoes in a ploughed field. Read more

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Comment by Gratius Falsius 2009-11-26 11:07:52

This badge is redolent of Dev's evocation of the Irish peasantry's land hunger. The club dates from 1928 when the long fella started losing it and really went all mystic.

This is actually a picture of an Irish civil servant, Shay O'Nan, spilling his seeds fruitlessly upon a rock. It dates from days of The Emergency - you can tell this from the fact that Shay is wearing an ARP warden's helmet (painted yellow so as not to prejudice the State's neutrality).

Wikipedia seems to indicate that HFFC now has a much blander badge:

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