19 November 2009 ~ Sat at home, beer in hand on Saturday night, I was party to some fascinating footballing insights from the genius that is Ian Wright. England were "very, very disappointing". Cheers Ian. He was right, we were. But what should we have done to avoid said disappointment Ian? In your role as football pundit, what was the answer out there against the side ranked number one in the world? "He should have taken men on. Shaun should have taken more men on." So that's what England, the team, should have done Ian? Shaun should have taken on more men? Is that what you are saying England should have done?

If only Fabio Capello was as perceptive as that bastion of footballing common sense, Ian Wright. Such a simple solution to England's frailties against the footballing superpowers. Get the ball to SWP at every possible opportunity. And then watch him beat the entire opposition team and score. It is so simple. And no one has every thought of it before. Apart from Ian Wright. Shaun Wright-Phillips's dad.

The only solution to such bias is surely to get all the dads out at half and full time to talk about their son's performance: "So Mr Foster, was Ben slow to come off his line for the goal?" Given his son's fondness for shouting and pointing, you'd expect John Terry's dad to be equipped with some firm opinions too. But I suppose he might want to keep a low profile for a while yet. Adam Bushby

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Comment by t.j.vickerman 2009-11-19 13:25:27

The problem with punditry is that they all have connections in the game and are hesitant to criticise anyone and breaking up the nauseating, cosy ex-footballers pally act. Or it could be that ex-footballers by and large have nothing interesting to say.

It would be nice to occasionally see journalists with a keen insight on the game like Tim Vickery, Jonathan Wilson or Sid Lowe have a chance as a pundit but I guess that's too much to hope for.

And on the other end of the scale from bland punditry you have Alan Green...

Comment by Lincoln 2009-11-19 13:41:34

Great point there, I would love to see Lineker talking to Martin Samuel and Patrick Barclay after a game. Two people who usual take differing views from each other and have watched a lot of football. However what I get is a barely coherent Merson talking some rubbish, Jamie Redknapp telling me Frank is a nice boy and didn't his dad do well, and Shearer shoehorning himself into a pair of trousers in time to tell me nothing of particular interest.

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