10 November 2009 ~ Aside from Liverpool's "crisis" that continues to dominate the back pages, today's other big football news was Berti Vogts signing a two-year contract extension as Azerbaijan coach. Vogts's time in charge of Scotland began with a 5-0 defeat to France and didn't really improve. This included losing 6–0 to the Netherlands, 4–0 to Wales, 4–1 to South Korea and a fortunate 2-2 draw with the Faroe Islands. He handed 40 players their international debuts including Graeme Murty, Andy Gray, Robbie Stockdale and Scott Dobie. There was also the 2-1 Euro 2004 qualifier defeat to Germany which left one player somewhat aggrieved. He would have remained anonymous had it not been for his national manager giving it all away.

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Comment by heppyhack 2009-11-10 18:16:15

Oh, I'm disappointed with you WSC. Of all the mags and websites, for you to fall into the trap of Berti-bashing is a surprise - and not a welcome one at that.

Yes he lost a bunch of meaningless friendlies - if anyone thinks France (at that time World AND European champions) weren't going to cuff Scotland in that game, they're a fool. He also dragged Scotland to impressive results against Germany and Holland - beating the latter 1-0 at Hampden, don't forget.

And as for the players - when you consider the dearth of talent he'd been left with, and the aged, tedious squad left by Broon, no wonder he went through 40 players finding decent ones. Plus, the ones he capped at least stood by him and turned out again and again. Can Burley say that?

So he called up Dobie and Murty? He also called up McFadden, Fletcher, Caldwell, Alexander, Gordon... the spine of the Scotland team which Smith and McLeish were so praised for was blooded by Berti.

Was his time a failure? The results were disappointing. The legacy of his time certainly wasn't.

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